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Aberlady Bay

The blue Forth lies before us lads
The wind blows fair and free
The boat glides ower the crested wave
As if she hame would be
For syne the lichts o' Gullane Heid
Wil licht up bank and brae
And the shining sand like a golden band
Round Aberlady Bay

Then a cheer for the bonny boat
That glides ower the storm and the calm sae weel
And a cheer for the lads that catch the fish
And the lass that carries the creel

There's music in the seagull cry
And the roar of the driving gale
There's music in the saut sea breeze
Blowing the bended sail
But sweeter far the lichts o' hame
Shining in the morning grey
When the boat speeds fast on the off-shore blast
Round Aberlady Bay


Cockenny Wives wi' mutches white
And goons o' wincey fine
Cockenny maids wi' yellow hair
And cheeks like rosy wine
They'll meet us at the pier, me lads
For weel they ken the day, when the boat shall glide
Ower the dancing tide
Round Aberlady Bay


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