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The Earth From The AirThe Earth from the Air French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand and his devoted team have spent five years putting together this voluminous gallery, selecting 195 images from 100,000 photographs taken from helicopters in the skies over 75 countries. It is a staggering achievement and precisely shows how vaguely we know our world.

Castles From The AirCastles from the Air This stunning collection of aerial photographs of some 120 castles means that we will never see history or architecture through the same eyes again. With spectacular examples from all over Europe, and the Near East the birds-eye views give a totally new perspective on the skills and ingenuity of the medieval engineers and builders of these massive strongholds. Grim and beautiful in turn, magnificent and resplendent or touchingly modest and partly ruined, these buildings are one of the most romantic and powerful of our cultural legacies, and this book shows them as never before. Aerial Photographs.

Aerial IrelandIreland: Aerial Photographs by Klaus Francke The aerial photographs of Ireland in this collection reveal an unsuspected wealth of colour hidden behind Ireland's green facade, yellow islands of gorse, the turquoise edges of the western coast, and even the algae borders of the Winter lakes varying in colour from green to orange.

The West Country from the AirThe West Country from the Air A bird's-eye view of the West Country. From Stonehenge in Wiltshire to Land's End in Cornwall this book portrays the magnificence of the west of England. Land and buildings are shown from many different angles and include such sites as Longleat; Dartmoor; and St Michael's Mount..

Northern Ireland From The AirThe North from the Air A collection of photographs of landscapes in the north of Ireland, taken from the air by Irish photographer, Esler Crawford. The landscapes include the Giant's Causeway, the Mountains of Mourne, the Glens of Antrim and the Fermanagh Lakeland. Aerial Photographs.

Mountains From SpaceMountains from Space: Peaks and Ranges of the Seven Continents The mountains have always been very special regions, the scenes of myths and the seats of the gods, spaces to retreat to and strategic bulwarks, but also places of natural and cultural diversity and multivarious living conditions over small areas. This book takes a completely new and unique look at the world's mountains. It brings together pictures that have been produced by computer on the basis of a new type of unusually precise satellite measurements and provides views never seen before. It was not until the year 2000 that the earth's surface was first surveyed systematically and completely by satellite radar on the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. This made it possible to show every area with hitherto unknown precision and to produce views in perspective, which in reality are not possible for practical reasons n as if one were flying at a great height and seeing an infinite distance unhampered by clouds, haze and the refraction of light. This book is also a work of nonfiction about all the important aspects of the mountains - their genesis by volcanic activity and the collisions of continental tectonic plates; their role in the emergence of ecological diversity; their function for the weather and climate, their susceptibility to natural catastrophes, their specific sociological features.

Scotland From AboveScotland from Above Referred to as a creative tour de force, the latest book from photographer Colin Baxter is truly a must-see. With more than 200 high-quality images helping to create a new perspective and a unique vision of Scotland from above-from 100 feet to over 12,000 feet above. This comprehensive overview of Scotland's geography is broken into seven chapters with a general introduction and a satellite view of Scotland using M-Sat true color imaging. Aerial Photographs.

Coastline UKCoastline UK: Amazing Views from the Air Apparently anonymous mudflats, dunes and scrubland become the source of strange, exotic hues and patterns when viewed directly from above. Small harbours yield complex herringbone arrangements of elegantly narrow boats. Even container ports can become semi-abstract assemblages of multi-coloured units. And familiar landmarks take on a wholly new and fascinating aura. Internationally renowned aerial photographer, Richard Cooke, has created an extraordinary sequence of images that celebrate the diversity and beauty of the UK shores. To achieve the mesmerizing effects of colour and form, Richard chose, as far as possible, to photograph directly above the subject-areas, thus creating marvellously composed photographic compositions. Themselves works of extraordinary beauty, the images in this book are divided according to coast - south, west, east, Scottish and Northern Irish. Together, they form a truly unique and totally unexpected picture of British shores, which reveal themselves to be the equal in variety and drama to any in the world. Aerial Photographs.

Through the Eyes of the Gods: An Aerial Vision of Africa A gorgeous, oversized volume offers a rare glimpse into the most inaccessible, unspoiled, and breathtaking corners of Africa,through dazzling photographs of the continent taken from the soaring perspective of a winged creature. Aerial Photographs.

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