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Almost Always Falling

Well I know it isn't easy, but every move I make
it throws me down upon the ground
now I knew it would be hard, but with every step I take
it spins me round and round and round
no, they didn't tell me there might have been an easy way
they did not let me know
they did not have the decency to say

now it's almost always falling
yes it's almost always falling
down on me

Well I must be so naive, cause every smiling face
is just a smiling face to me
and I can't see through the lies that carefully disguise
what it is I am supposed to see
when the devil rolls the dice
well he always has that extra throw
and I've been lighting up my fuses
but I have no idea when they're going to blow


Now the devil always wins, and you're left standing
wondering where the hell it is you are
you made your own mistakes,
but sometimes the game is taken just that little bit too far
and you've rolled up both your sleeves
but the ace is nowhere to be found
and as you get up to walk away, you see it lying there
face up on the ground

CHORUS (last lines double)

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