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Ancient Monuments Map Of Scotland

Ancient Monuments Map of Scotland

Brochs, cairns, standing stones, stone circles and rock art are all part of Scotland's Neolithic heritage, but apart from academic tomes and local publications, little is available for the amateur historian and visitor to Scotland to give them an overall picture of these national treasures. Loren Cruden's map of Scotland's ancient monuments now addresses this and includes over 200 sites of interest, all of which can be visited and are easily accessed. These include the Glenelg brochs, the standing stones of Arran, Maes Howe, Kilmartin, Calanais and Achnabreck with many, many more across the length and breadth of Scotland. Each site is detailed by the use of a unique motif or combined motifs that give clear indications of the type of site and its location. Full OS map references are on the rear of the map along with brief narratives of the types of monument. The Ancient Monuments Map of Scotland.

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