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Tour The Architecture In Fife

Some of these distinct architectural features you can find as you venture around the Kingdom of Fife.

Architrave (projecting ornamental frame)
Astragal (glazing bar)
Barge (gable board)
Basement, raised
Bullseye, keyblocked (circular window with projecting blocks)
Buttress ( supporting projection )
Caphouse ( top chamber )
Cartouche (decorative tablet)
Cherrycocking (masonry joints filled with small stones)
Channelled ashlar (recessed horizontal joints)
Chimneycope, corniced
Chimneycope, moulded
Close (alley)
Console (scroll bracket)
Corbel (projection support)
Cutwater (wedge-shaped end of bridge pier)
in which pigeons were raised for their droppings and meat.
Dormer, canted & piended
Dormer, pedimented wallhead
Dormer, piended
Dormer, swept wallhead
Fanlight (glazed panel above door)
Finial (crowning ornament)
Fly-over stair
Forestair, pillared
Gable, wallhead
Gable, wallhead chimney
Gable, Dutch (curved)
Gibbs doorway (framed with projecting stonework)
Hoist, fishing net
Hoodmoulding ( projection over opening to divert water )
Jettied (overhanging)
Lucarne (small dornier on spire)
Margin, stone
Mercat Cross
Marriage Lintel
Mullion (vertical division of window)
Nave (main body of church)
Pavilion (building attached by wing to main building)
Pediment (triangular ornamental feature)
Quoins, rusticated (corner stones with recessed joints)
Refuge (recess in bridge parapet)
Ridge, crested
Roof, flared pyramidal
Roof, leanto
Roof, ogival (with S-curve pitch)
Roof, pantiled
Roof, piended (formed by intersecting slopes)
Roof, slated
Skew (gable coping)
Skewputt, moulded (lowest stone of skew)
Skewputt, scroll
Stair jamb (projection containing stairway)
Stringcourse (horizontal projecting wall moulding)
Transept (transeverse wing of cruciform church)
Transom (horizontal division of window)
Voussoir (wedge-shaped stone forming archway)
Tympanum (area within pediment)
Window, bay (projecting full height from ground)
Window, oriel (corbelled bay)
indow, sash and case (sliding sashes)

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