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Johann Sebastian Bach LifeJohann Sebastian Bach: His Life in Pictures and Documents with CD (Audio) It really is impossible to capture the glory that is the music of J.S. Bach in the printed page, but this book comes very close. Coupled with a CD of music samples taken from the Edition Bachakademie, a 172-CD set that is the only complete recording of the music of J.S. Bach, this book is a wonderful introduction and survey of the Bach's life and music.

The True Life Of BachThe True Life of J.S.Bach This comprehensive biography contrasts 250 years' worth of legend with the real facts of Bach's life as uncovered through the author's extensive research. . In this new biography of Johann Sebastian Bach, Klaus Eidam brings the icon of Baroque music into focus as never before. Johann Sebastian Bach Books.

Bach ReaderBach Reader: Life of Johann Sebastian Bach in Letters and Documents This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the life and music of J.S. Bach. Not only are there translations of every known piece of writing by him, and every important document about him, but many of his contemporaries and those in the following generation are quoted on their views of Bach's stature and achievement. There is also the complete text of the first biography of Bach, written in 1802 by J.N. Forkel and drawing on information from Bach's sons Friedemann and Emanuel. This book has so much valuable and fascinating information in such a small compass that music lovers will be drawn to it again and again. Johann Sebastian Bach Books.

Mass in B Minor in Full ScoreMass in B Minor in Full Score (Dover Miniature Scores) The crowning glory of Bach's achievements in the field of sacred music, this work is a powerful statement of Christian faith and an inspiring musical experience for musicians and music lovers. Scored for two sopranos, alto, tenor, bass, chorus, orchestra, and continuo, this towering masterpiece by Johann Sebastian Bach.

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