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Ballachulish, Scotland

Ballachulish, Scotland. Ballachulish - 40 Inch
Canvas Print (101cm) by Robert Harding

Ballachulish History

Custom and Conflict in the Land of the Gael. Ballachulish, 1900-1910. Unearthing events that have barely been covered in recent published records, this account examines the conflicts of a remote Scottish Highland community in the 1900s, bringing to light a broad spectrum of social and economic concerns, including a remarkable willingness to fight for principles and the welfare of friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Exploring a wide range of experiences and loyalties, this history compares successes and failures, as well as compromises, to discover the historiographical significance of a forgotten land. Custom and Conflict in the Land of the Gael: Ballachulish, 1900-1910.

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