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Island Of Harris Hotel Deals
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Ardhasaig House Hotel, Isle of Harris, Ardhasaig HS3 3AJ, Scotland. Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor.

Leachin House Hotel, Tarbert HS3 3AH, Scotland. Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor.

Rodel Hotel, Isle of Harris, Scotland. Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor.

The Outer Hebrides

Tir A'Mhurain: The Outer Hebrides of... Scotland. A new edition of Paul Strand's beautiful photographs from his 1954 visit to the rugged island of South Uist, off the west coast of Scotland. Juxtaposing people and the landscape, these staggering beautiful images depict the timeless complicity he saw between humankind and nature in this wild terrain. In the spirit of La France de Profil and Un Pases: Portrait of an Italian Valley, these meditative photographs celebrate the wholesome beauty of everyday life. Whether it is a view of rocks and the sea, of scudding clouds hanging over a seaside hamlet, or the proud figure of an earthbound fisherman before his stone cottage, Strand's transcendent images render the island and its inhabitants timeless and eternal.

Expeditions to the Hebrides

Expeditions to the Hebrides George Clayton Anderson (1808-77) was only twenty-three when he set out from Newcastle in 1831 with his brother, Dick, and the professional artist William Train to explore the Western isles and remote St Kilda. The following year he journeyed to the Shetlands and in 1833 returned again to Skye and the Western Isles while on his way to the Faroes. Atkinson was a keen naturalist, founder member of the Natural History Society of Northumberland and Durham and Newcastle, and a friend of the engraver Thomas Beckwith. His travels brought him into contact with such giants of the day as William MacGillivray, Dr William Hooker and John Scoular. His keen interest in birds led him to become the first curator of the ornithological section of the Hancock Museum, an interest reflected in his descriptions of the bird-life of these islands. The large leather-bound journals chronicling their adventures, and largely unknown outside his family, were richly embellished with original watercolours and drawings of his tours, made by some of the finest local artists of the day. While vividly resurrecting a living, breathing portrait of those whose lives added such a a colour to the landscape, his diary also reveals a community in the painful throes of transition and at a watershed between the ancient and the modern.

The Fragile Islands: A Journey Through... the Outer Hebrides.

Walks in the Western Isles (Clan Walk... Guides.)

The Road to the Isles: Travellers in the... Hebrides 1770 to 1914.

Barra and the Bishop's Isles

Barra and the Bishop's Isles: Living on... the Margin. This fascinating book was first published in 2002, and gives an up-to-date look into the history of Barra and its adjacent islands (the southernmost Outer Hebrides). It begins with a look at the geology and ecology of the islands, and then moves into their history, going from the end of the last ice age 10,000 years ago to the enforced emigrations of the mid-nineteenth century. Along the way, the reader is treated to many pictures (most black-and-white, but some color), and a good deal of in-depth analysis.

The Islands That Roofed the World:... Easdale, Seil, Luing and Belnahua.

Peat Smoke and Spirit

Peat, Smoke and Spirit: The Story of... Islay and Its Whiskies . Islay's fascinating story is uncovered: from its history and stories of the many shipwrecks which litter its shores, to the beautiful wildlife, landscape and topography of the island revealed through intimate descriptions of the austerely beautiful and remote countryside. Interleaved through these different narrative strands comes the story of the whiskies themselves, traced from a distant past of bothies and illegal stills to present-day legality and prosperity. The flavour of each spirit is analysed and the differences between them teased out, as are the stories of the notable men and women who have played such a integral part in their creation.

The Hebridean Traveller

The Hebridean Traveller For centuries the Highlands and Islands of Scotland were regarded as culturally as well as physically distinct. Highlanders had a bad reputation, or suffered from a bad press, depending on perspective. This imaginative and stimulating book explores the various attitudes to the area through the writing of those who travelled there over the centuries. In it Denis Rixson examines a huge a variety of sources, from early lists of the islands to Dean Munro, Timothy Pont and Martin Martin; from maps and charts to official records of the Church and State and the dozens of individual accounts by those who visited the area and encountered its people. These records enable us to build up a remarkably detailed composite picture of a remote area which was long hidden from the rest of Britain, sheltered by distance, obscured by differences of language and culture and often politically and militarily opposed. The Hebridean Traveller concentrates on the period from earliest times to around 1800, when the modern tourist industry was beginning to develop.

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