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Stirling Bridge and Falkirk 1297-98

Stirling Bridge and Falkirk 1297-98:...

William Wallace Braveheart

William Wallace: Braveheart

William Wallace Guardian of Scotland

William Wallace: the King's Enemy

Braveheart - William Wallace

William Wallace and All ThatWilliam Wallace and All That William Wallace And All That is a real-life adventure packed with historical facts about Scotland's legendary hero. Join Sir William Wallace on his fearsome quest to free the Scots from villainous King Edward and his evil empire. Growl with anger as you find out what nasty things Edward's vile henchmen did to Wallace's girlfriend and best pal. Get splattered with blood and gore as Wallace makes haggis of his enemies. Gasp with terror as you learn about the giant 'hedgehogs' that helped Wallace win battles. Groan with agony as you feel what it's like to be hanged, drawn and quartered. Discover how Wallace's grisly death made his legend grow. Bursting with brilliant illustrations, this book will have you shouting "Freedom!" after every page.

William Wallace Man and Myth

William Wallace: Man and Myth William Wallace (c. 1274-1305) is a legend. The champion of the independence of Scotland, defeated by Edward I and eventually hung, drawn and quartered in London, he is revered to this day as Scotland's foremost patriot. Since his death, the Wallace story has been one to inspire, and the cult of Wallace has travelled far beyond Scotland itself, helped by Hollywood. Yet Wallace's life is still a mystery. The sources are few and have been grossly distorted over seven centuries through ballads, penny histories and poems This book, based on the original research by Scottish historian Graeme Morton, is the first to fully examine both the contemporary sources that are available and the way the many strands of the Wallace myth have been constructed, communicated and appropriated from his death right up to the present day.

William Wallace

William Wallace probably the smartest most savvy account of Wallace was done by a guy called Fisher. I really liked that book...he tries to fill in the pieces between what is verifiable...I found that he kind of put Wallace's character in there - Mel Gibson William Wallace Has always been one of the legendary figures of Scottish history. Since the film 'Braveheart', his reputation has risen to new heights. Wallace was by no means prepared by birth, education or training for the seminal role he was to play in Scottish history, but when the ambition and ruthlessness of Edward I combined with the wcakness of John Balliol to provoke the Wars of Independence, it was Wallace who rose to the challenge and broke the sequence of English victories, re-energising and inspiring his countrymen in the process. While others, ostensibly his betters, yielded and collaborated, Wallace set an example of constancy and perseverance and became Guardian of Scotland. Even his terrible death can be seen as a victory as it provided an inspiration for the continuance of the struggle. Previous biographies have tended to present Wallace as a one-dimensional figure, ignoring his flaws. In an age of brutality, however, Wallace too was brutal. He repaid the sack of Berwick with the harrying of Northumberland and the crimes with which he was charged in 1305 were by no means wholly fabricated. By investigating all aspects of Wallace's life and character, and treating him as a man of his time, Andrew Fisher provides a more authentic picture of the greatest of Scotland's heroes than has been previously available. This is anew and substantially expanded edition of Andrew Fisher's biography. It features new sections on the Wallace of literature and present-day perceptions of Wallace, placing the crude distortions and inaccuracies of 'Braveheart' in their proper context.

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