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Robert Burns The LassiesRobert Burns: The Lassies Robert Burns was fond of women, and his well-documented affairs have earned him a reputation as a rake and womaniser. It was said that he couldn't just admire a lass, he would fall head-over-heels. And every woman that Burns loved became a flawless beauty with an equally flawless character. During his short life Burns wrote a great deal of poetry to or about women. Some were written as love poems or songs, intended to sway the heart of whoever had caught his eye, others in honour of a more casual acquaintance whose beauty or talents had impressed him in some way. Others were composed simply as a form of thank you. This is a collection of all these poems, each accompanied by a detailed history of Burns' relationship with the subject. Was he the philanderer and rake he's said to be? George Scott Wilkie looks at the letters, poems and sonnets - a collection covering over 80 women from his first flighty glance of a haughty laird's daughter, through the women who fathered his children to the delectable, unattainable Clarinda.

Understanding Robert BurnsUnderstanding Robert Burns: Verse,... Although recognized throughout the world, the poems of Robert Burns are rarely understood. Many lovers of his poetry and songs have struggled with the meanings of many of the bard's words. This book aims to give readers an immediate understanding of 138 of his poems. Opposite every stanza of each poem, the meaning of what Burns wrote is given, along with a glossary. Thus, alongside lines from "Ode to a Mouse" ("Wee sleekit, cow'rin', tim'rous beastie, Oh, what a panic's in thy breastie!") the author explains that "Burns is doing his utmost to assure this terrified little creature that it is quite safe, that he has no intention of causing it any harm".

The Poems and Songs of Robert BurnsThe Poems and Songs of Burns A selection of songs and lyrical poems by Robert Burns. Longer poems such as "Tam O'Shanter" and "The Cotter's Saturday Night" are also included. Lovers of Burn's poetry should find this selection enjoyable. It also provides an introduction for those unfamiliar with his work.

The Canongate BurnsThe Canongate Burns (Canongate Classics... A collection of the poems and songs of Robert Burns, with an extensive introduction on the complex social fabric of his life, explanatory notes and a full Scots glossary. It prints the poems in the order of their first appearance, giving insights into the reception of his work.

Burns PoemsPoems (Oxford Paperbacks) This edition of Burns's poems and songs is taken from Professor Kinsley's three-volume Oxford English Texts edition (Clarendon Press ) hailed as the first really scholarly and critical edition for more than seventy years. Contains all of Burns's writings, including those reasonably attributed to him.

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