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Sichuan CookerySichuan Cookery Sichuan food is one of the great unknown cuisines of the world, famous in Chinese history and legend for its extraordinary variety and richness. Chinese people say that China is the place for food, but Sichuan is the place for flavour, and local gourmets claim the region boasts 5000 different dishes. This book includes sections on the history of Sichuan cooking, Sichuan culinary culture, the art of cutting, the importance of balance in taste, presentation and nutrition, cooking ingredients and methods. Chinese Cooking.

Chinese KitchenThe Chinese Kitchen: A Sourcebook of Ingredients and How to Use Them The Chinese Kitchen gives the clearest possible explanation of why these foods are so prized. Some 200 recipes, many of them classics, adorn the book, illuminating the character and versatility of the ingredients. This is a most exciting volume, at once a reference work that deserves to become a standard and an introduction to the intricacies of Chinese food and cooking. Chinese Cooking.

Chinese CookerySimple Chinese Cookery The recipes, including soups and starters, fish and shellfish, meat and poultry and vegetable accompaniments, are not only quick and easy to prepare but are also convenient as they use readily available ingredients. A special menu section also features in the book so that you can plan your perfect meal. From simple Green chicken curry to the more elaborate Whole fish in coconut milk, foolproof instructions will guarantee even the novice cook excellent results every time.

A Taste of ShanghaiModern Asian Flavors: A Taste of Shanghai Modern Asian Flavors is a cookbook that explores the traditional dishes of Shanghai and blends to taste with a touch of the western palate. Shanghai cuisine is a combination of many Asian and European cooking styles. This cookbook not only focuses on the traditional dishes, but also highlights modern dishes made with staple Shanghai ingredients and sauces. Founder and creator of Chinablue culinary sauces, Richard Wong presents 60 flavourful recipes organized by course, plus a chapter on how to build a Shanghai-style pantry and a section on how to make Shanghai-style sauces. The book includes sections on cocktails and appetizers, soups and salads, poultry and meat, fish and shellfish, vegetables rice and noodles, and desserts. Chinese Cooking.

Shanghai CookingNew Shanghai Cuisine: Bridging the Old and New The Shanghainese are re-establishing their presence on the international restaurant scene, harnessing their natural talent for fashioning spectacular, larger-than-life paeans, to pleasure. Dining in Shanghai is an exhilarating experience because whether you're people watching at Three on The Bund, delighting in slivers of tea smoked eggs slathered in caviar at Whampoa Club, jostling with families at Bao Luo or steeping yourself in Zen minimalism at Shintori, you're left in no doubt that you're in Shanghai. Its in the energy, the ambience and the people. Each dining destination may be dazzlingly different and stupendously stylish, yet its the frisson that the city thrillingly creates - as it almost casually melds a pinch of the East with a dash of the West, a measure of history with a shot of the future - that is so unique and intoxicating. It is only natural that a contemporary Chinese, new Shanghainese gustatory revolution should take seed in this city of acute contrast and sublime fusion. The desire to push the envelope, without losing its sense of self, has always been at the heart of this city's fiesty spirit. Shanghai is a city like no other. It possesses an aesthetic, a style, a way of living that enraptures both the heart and mind. To sup at Shanghai's table is to savour the pleasures of life itself. In "New Shanghai Cuisine: Bridging the Old and the New", Chef Jereme Leung explores the rich culinary heritage of Shanghai and re-interprets it, offering unique and contemporary presentations of some of Shanghai's classic recipes. His respect for tradition and understanding of the fundamentals behind each dish as he recreates these recipes, have won him praise from some of Shanghai's most respected culinary figures. The classic dishes he has re-created include drunken chicken, Shanghai tea-smoked eggs and glutinous red dates (nuo mi hong zao), which are all regular items on his menu at Whampoa Club in Shanghai. Chines Cooking.

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