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The Life and Works of ChopinThe Life and Works of Chopin The second in a series of musical biographies, written and presented by broadcaster Jeremy Siepmann with Anton Lesser as Chopin. In this four-CD set, the life and music of the revolutionary composer and pianist is unveiled in considerable detail with many musical examples. Chopin Books.

ChopinChopin: Pianist and Teacher: As Seen by His Pupils This is the first English paperback edition of the unique collection of documents, edited and annotated by Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, which reveal Chopin as teacher and interpreter of his own music. From the accounts of his pupils, acquaintances and contemporaries, together with his own writing, we gain valuable insight into Chopin's pianistic and stylistic practice, his teaching methods and his aesthetic beliefs. The documents are divided into two categories: those concerning technique and style, two notions inseparable in Chopin's mind, and those concerning the interpretation of Chopin's works. Extensive appendix material presents, for the first time in English, Chopin's essay 'Sketch for a method', as well as annotated scores belonging to Chopin's pupils and acquaintances, and personal accounts of Chopin's playing as experienced by his contemporaries: composers and pianists, pupils and friends, writers and critics. The statements of Chopin's own students in diaries, letters and reminiscences, written, dictated or conveyed by word of mouth, provide the bulk of these accounts. Throughout the book Professor Eigeldinger's detailed annotations, both critical and explanatory, add a valuable scholary dimension, creating an indispensable guide to the authentic performance of Chopin's piano works.

Complete Ballades, Impromptus and Sonatas This book contains a lot of music for it's cost; the 240 pages include Chopin's four ballades - including the one dramatically featured in Polanski's recent film "The Pianist". Chopin Books.

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