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Collessie is a rural village in North Fife clustered around a knoll dominated by the church. The Parish Church, 1838-39, though too large for the hamlet, is appropriate for the whole parish. The prominently pinnacled tower commands wide views across the Howe of Fife. There are still a few relics of its weaving past, and on the grounds, just west of the church, are two late 18th century detached weaving sheds, one dated 1662. Under a weeping willow the Kirkyard Dyke, 1609, contains a Late Gothic gateway. Strad Cottage, 1839, has stone canopies over the windows. Rose Cottage is a splendid thatched house formed out of three late 18th century weaver's cottages. The Primary School, 1846, integrating both school and house features a belfry.

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