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Colonsay is an island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, located north of Islay and south of Mull. Colonsay is the ancestral home of Clan Macfie and the Colonsay branch of Clan MacNeill.

ColonsayIslay, Jura and Colonsay: A Historical Guide This work explores the history of the Hebridean islands of Islay, Jura and Colonsay. It covers the human occupation since earliest times, the relics left on the islands, monasteries, forts, carvings, artefacts of mesolithic times through to the modern-day distilleries of Islay and Jura.

The Colonsay House rhododendron and woodland garden is considered to be one of the finest rhododendron gardens in Scotland. Planted mostly in the 1930's and has an exceptional variety, not only of rhododendrons, but also of trees and shrubs including some exotic species from the southern hemisphere.


Colonsay Brewery is a micro brewery based at the heart of the Atlantic Island of Colonsay..

Colonsay is the ancient home of the Macduffies or Macphees or Macfie, a branch of the great Clan Alpine. The early history of the clan is unknown, but Donald Macduffie witnessed a charter at Dingwall in 1463. The clan was prominent in the history of the Western Highlands, and Macfie of Colonsay was one of the principal chiefs who met Bishop Knox and signed the famous " Statutes of lona " in 1609. Colonsay passed out of the possession of the clan some years later. In 1615 Malcolm Macafie of Colonsay joined in the rebellion of Sir James MacDonald, and was later delivered to the Earl of Argyll by Coll Kitto MacDonald. In 1623 Coll Kitto was charged with the cruel slaughter of Malcolm and several of his followers.

Colonsay passed to the MacDonalds and then to the MacNeils who brought fame to the island. When the Macfies were dispossessed, some of them followed the MacDonalds and others settled in the Cameron country of Lochaber, and supported that clan at the Battle of Culloden. In Galloway the name took the form of Macguffie and Machaffie.

Ewen Macphee who lived in the middle of the 19th century was famous as the last of the Scottish outlaws. He enlisted in the army, but deserted as the result of a misunderstanding and settled with his family on an island on Loch Quoich. He recognised no law and no landowner, resided rent free, and defended his home with firearms, his wife being as proficient in their use as her husband. He held it until in his old age he indulged in sheep stealing for which he was ejected.

Exploring Colonsay (West Highland S.) A walker's guide to the island of Colonsay and neighbouring Oronsay. The book features eight walks each with its own map and with notes and information about the history and legends with the routes, together with general information about the birds and flowers of the island.

The Birds of Colonsay and OransayThe Birds of Colonsay and Oransay This is not a bird identification manual, but it does include a complete checklist of all the species recorded for the two islands and their current status. Chapters describe where and how best to see the wide variety of birds and their habitats and give extra details about selected birds that are particularly characteristic of Colonsay and the Inner Hebrides.

Colonsay, One of the Hebrides of Scotland. Colonsay Plants, their Local Names and Uses, Colonsay Legends, Colonsay Ruins, and Colonsay Place-Names. Gaelic Names of Birds, Fishes, Climate. Colonsay, One of the Hebrides, Its Plants: Their Local Names and Uses--Legends, Ruins, and Place-Names--Gaelic Names of Birds, Fishes, Etc.--Climate,.

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