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ConservatoriesConservatories, A Complete Guide: Planning, Managing and Completing Your Conservatory There are plenty of glossy brochures, booklets and other publications on Conservatories available from manufacturers and suppliers, but well-informed, genuinely independent advice is in short supply. ‘Conservatories: A Complete Guide’ aims to redress the balance and save readers time and money by presenting clear, practical advice on how to manage a project successfully. It also includes advice on how to deal with salesmen and avoid the ‘cowboys’. This step-by-step guide explains how to make the right choices from the start. The first part of the book explains the benefits of introducing a conservatory to your home. How to draw up a comprehensive brief is covered, supplemented with checklists and suggestions on the questions that you should ask yourself. The design section is packed with photographs, ideas and illustrations of successful projects. Key to the success of the project is the choice of professional team to help you and each option is covered, with helpful hints on the questions that you should ask to weed out the cowboys from the professionals. The different options available to build from are described and the relative benefits analysed. The construction process is outlined in sufficient detail to arm every customer with the knowledge to check that the conservatory is being correctly built and give a DIY enthusiast the confidence to build for themselves. Finally, if once you have completed the construction you wish to furnish and decorate it to lift it above the ordinary in here are some ideas to add the ‘wow’ factor. Conservatories.

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