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Coupar Angus

Coupar Angus Horse Fair, Scotland. A spring gala in celebration of the historic horse market, and the horse shows that were held in Coupar Angus until the 1950s. The event included a street market and craft fair, and a parade through town.

Coupar Angus

Coupar Angus Burgh Pipe Band, Scotland. Wee video snippet of this small pipe band practising before leading the parade at the Coupar Angus Horse Fair.

Coupar Angus

Coupar Angus is a town in Perthshire, Scotland, located 5 miles south of Blairgowrie. In the Middle Ages it was the site of the major Cistercian abbey of Coupar Angus, one of Scotland's most important monasteries, founded by Malcolm IV in the 1160s. Of the abbey, only architectural fragments, preserved in the 19th century parish church survive, along with part of one of its gatehouses.

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