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Craigie Castle

Craigie Castle Ayrshire Scotland

This little known ruined castle, of considerable interest, dates from the early 13th Century, and is surrounded by a ditch. It had at one time a rib-vaulted hall consisting of three bays over an unvaulted basement, but experts have found traces of an earlier hall which had a crenellated parapet rising flush with the main wall-face. In the centre of one wall was a round-arched doorway, and opposite this a late medieval fireplace, added in the 15th Century, was built over another round-arched opening. It is now quite difficult to determine the
original plan but signs suggest that it was originally a simple rectangle of suitable size for a building such as an early hall-house. Experts believe that Craigie Castle was originally a hall-house of the late 12th or early 13th Century with a wide crenellate parapet enclosing a saddle-back roof. During the 15th Century it is likely that these crenellations were built over and a new hall fashioned on the walls of its predecessor. located about one mile south-west of Craigie, Ayrshire, Scotland.

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