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Desperate Man

It's cold in the alley and it's cold upon the stair
and he's got to keep on running
and he knows he'll never get there
a long night is cool, he can never go home
and he's out on the street and he's feeling so alone

oh lord he is a desperate man
they've used him, abused him and fooled him again
oh lord he is a desperate man
oh lord he's a desperate man

Three kids between one and five and another on the way
and his poor little lovely, she looks older every day
thinks of all the chances that he lost upon the way
opportunities have vanished like a needle in the hay


The street's running empty and it's getting so late
your man stands in the shadows but how long can he wait
cold consolation in a cheap bottle of wine
and his future fades and withers as he slips further in decline


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