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Pittenweem Priory

Devil’s Rings

On the fiat ground close to the Law are a good many perfect circles in the grass, vulgarly called “the devil’s rings,” caused, tradition says, by the Druids celebrating their religious rites.
Chapman, p. 28.

There is a curious tradition in connection with this circumstance [the theft of wine from the Relief Church, Pittenweem] by which it appears that those reckless beings [the thieves] had seated themselves on a greensward near the sea side, betwixt St. Monance and Pittenweem, where they proceeded to discuss the sacramental wine. One of them poured out a quantity of the liquor on the ground in a circular manner, within the circumference of which they rioted in all the blasphemous wickedness that their evil hearts could? conceive, saying in derision that the devil dare not enter the circle. This infidel ring is green when all is withered, and withered when all is green. Naturalists may visit it, and account for the phenomenon if they can.
Jack, pp. 79-80.


Devil’s Portion. Earlsferry
At the west end of the open park is a large round piece of low-lying ground, enclosed by a blue stone wall. This is called the Dome Park, but should be read “Doom Park “ a piece of ground (as told in history) never touched by plough or spade, a dismal breadth of thorns and weeds: this is the portion of land set apart for the evil one. It is believed the ground was set aside as a burial place of murderers and malefactors, hence called the Doom Park.
Chapman, p. 28.

Lady Buried Alive. Kinghorn
The said old manse was the reputed residence of the famous Rev. John Scrimgeour, of whose wife a grim old story lingers in the lore of the parish. It seems that Mrs. Scrimgeour had been buried while in a death-like trance, and that she was restored by the attempt made by an avaricious sexton to remove the rings from the clay cold fingers. “She never smiled again,” runs the story.
Reid, p. 13.

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