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Dougie MacLean, Singer, Songwriter

Dougie MacLean started playing in school, forming a band with future members of Silly Wizard, Andy Stewart and Martin Hadden.In 1974, while busking on the street, Roy Gullane approached him and recruited him to the Tannahill Weavers, with whom he stayed until 1977, when he moved to Germany, playing solo and working with Alex Campbell and Alan Roberts. He replaced Johnny Cunningham as fiddle player for Silly Wizard for six months in 1980 and returned to tour with the Tannahills before going solo in 1981 and starting his own record company, Dunkeld, in 1983. Recently his songs have been featured in theatre and film (part of The Last of the Mohicans), and a 40-minute film of his life and music "The Land: Songs of Dougie MacLean" has been screened by the BBC Television.

Live: From the Ends of the Earth [LIVE]

The Dougie Maclean Collection.

Craigie Dhu.


Perthshire Amber.



Singing Land.

Plant Life Years.

Marching Mystery.



Sunset Song.


Real Estate.

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