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Inside The Thunder

On A Wing And A Prayer
On a Wing and
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Dougie MacLean

Dougie MacLean

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Dougie MacLean
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Dougie's Albums

Ae Fond Kiss
All Together
Almost Always Falling
Another Story
Auld Lang Syne
Back to the Island
Big River
Bonnie Bessie Logan
Buffalo Jump
Ca' The Yowes
Deepest Part of Me
Desperate Man
Distant Son
Down Too Deep
Feel So Near
For a' That
Garden Valley
Get Me Out
Gloomy Winter
Green Grow the Rashes

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Dougie MacLean

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Well known these days in the ancient city of Dunkeld is the man behind Dunkeld Records, a small shop on Cathedral street. Dougie MacLean is one of Scotland's premier singer-songwriters, regularly filling concert halls in both North America and Great Britain. His early song ' Caledonia ' was a tremendous hit, and is one of Scotland's unofficial anthems. His other great albums include: Who Am I, Dougie MacLean Live, Perthshire Amber, Riof, Tribute, Marching Mystery, Sunset Song, Indigenous, The Search, Whitewash, Real Estate, Fiddle, Singing Land, Butterstone, Craigie Dhu, On a Wing and A prayer, Snaigow, Caledonia, and The Dougie Maclean Collection. Dougie's wife, Jenny, has provided the artwork for many of Dougies album covers and her paintings can be seen at the shop in Cathedral Street. Here is a Thistle and Shamrock interview with Dougie Maclean.

Dougie and Jenny were also involved in the Macleans Real Music Bar at the Taybank Hotel in Dunkeld, a great place to eat traditional Scottish stovies, and hear great music at both impromptu and organized sessions.

The Taybank is now owned by Nigel and Beverley Large. Described as "Scotland's Musical Meeting Place" it is a centre for Scottish Music and Culture with instrumental classes, concerts and spontaneous music sessions.

Taybank Session Photos July 2002
Taybank Session Photos Sept 2002

This is a wee site for those Guitar players who are interested in playing Dougie Maclean songs with the same guitar parts, chords, fingerpicking, riffs etc. American browsers can buy Dougie MacLean music here.

Dougie MacLean

It is my personal opinion, shared by millions of others throughout the world, that Singer-songwriter Dougie MacLean is one of Scotland's most talented musical ambassadors. From his base in Butterstone, Perthshire, he has toured the world, and consistently converts audiences with his gentle voice and musical virtuosity. The Wall Street Journal called him "a musical hero," and the Montreal Globe and Mail called his performances "moving, humorous, powerful, and polished."

Since his earliest days as a solo artist, Dougie MacLean has written song after song that speak in the voice of his beloved homeland. He has even written what has become the second national anthem of Scotland, a song he describes as a "wee homesick song" called "Caledonia." With is brilliant fiddling, exquisite guitar style, and honest performance, his songs conjure up remarkably vivid images of our world.

MacLean grew up in the Scottish countryside, where his father was a gardener. He was surrounded by music; his mother played the mandolin and his father played the fiddle, pubs were full of singing, and there were dances every weekend in village halls.

MacLean has been at the forefront of the Celtic music revival since the early 1970's. He was a member of such respected bands as the Tannahill Weavers and SIlly Wizard. Since 1983 he has performed extensively as a solo artist and with his own backing band. At the same time he has established his own record label, Dunkeld Records, and through radio and television built a reputation as a superb contemporary songwriter and interpreter of traditional Scottish songs. A wide audience was exposed to MacLean's music through the Twentieth Century Fox film The Last of the Mohicans.

His concerts, tours, and albums, as well as many cover versions of his increasingly acclaimed songs, have resulted in Dougie MacLean having a dedicated following in countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Holland.

Sandy Stevenson

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