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Dougie MacLean

Down Too Deep

Another day almost gone
it won't be long till you are out of here
and you will soon be home
just thank God it's Friday night
you know a little bar where you
can disappear quite out of sight

You don't laugh like you should
and you don't smile like you should
cause life has torn the ground from underneath your feet
and I can't reach you, you're down too deep

Your wife she sees there's no chance
to rediscover all those happy days
of love and true romance
and it's the same for all her friends
and it's the children now that matter
and you've got to meet the ends


So you will watch the children grow
and you will justify the sacrifice
but you'll never let it show
and it's the heavy end of fate
you know that dreams are made of dreams
you just realize too late


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