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Dysart is a small town in Fife, Scotland, located on the northern shore of the Firth of Forth. John McDougall Stuart, 1815 to 1866, the most famous of all Australia's inland explorers and John Pitcairn 1722 to 1775, a British marine in the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War were born in the town.

Boats in Dysart Harbour, Fife, Scotland. Dysart is certainly worth a visit on any tour of Scotland.

Dysart Harbour, Fife, Scotland, is located in the Fife Coastal Path.

Dysart Houses, Fife, Scotland. Many of these have been restored by the National Trust for Scotland.

Dysart, Fife, Scotland. Dysart tolbooth dates from 1576.

Dysart Outer Harbour, Fife, Scotland, on a beautiful February day.

The picturesque old Dysart harbour, Fife, Scotland, is notable for having been partly hollowed out of the sandstone cliffs.

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