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Earl of Buccleuch Funeral, 11th June, 1635

A striking sight it must have been, that long heraldic procession which went before the body of the deceased noble, along the banks of the Teviot, on that bright June day. First there were forty-six saulies in black gowns and hoods, with black staves in the hands, headed by one called a conductor, who was attended by an old man in a mourning gown; a trumpeter in the Buccleuch livery following, and sounding his trumpet. Next came Robert Scott of Howshaw, fully armed, riding on a fair horse, and carrying on the point of a lance a little banner of the defunct's colours, azure and or. Then a horse in black, led by a lackey in mourning, a horse with a crimson velvet foot-mantle, and 'three trumpets in mourning on foot, sounding sadly'. Then the great gumpheon, of black taffeta carried on a lance by Walter Scott of Lauchope, his sword borne by Andrew Scott of Broadmeadows, his gauntlets by Francis Scott of Castleside, and his coat of honour by Mr Lawrence Scott.

The next great section of the procession was a purely heraldic display. Eight gentlemen of the Clan Scott bore each the coat of arms of one of the various paternal and maternal ancestors of the defunct. Other gentlemen of the name - Scott of Harden, Scott of Scotstarvet, etc - carried the great pencil, the deceased's standard, his coronet, and his 'arms in metal and colour', near whom were three more trumpets and three pursuivants, all in mourning. 'Last of all came the corps, carried under a fair pall of black velvet, decked with arms, larmes (tears), and cipress of sattin, knopt with gold, and on the coffin the defunct's helmet and coronet, overlaid with cipress, to shew that he was a soldier. And so in this order, with the conduct of many honourable friends, marched they from Branxholm to Hawick Church, where after the funeral sermon ended, the corps were interred amongst his ancestors.'

Robert Chambers, 1802-71, quoting Sir James Balfour.

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