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Edinburgh Castle, home of Scottish kings and queens from centuries past, high above the city of Edinburgh on its perch of volcanic rock. This most famous of castles dominates the World Heritage listed Old and New Towns of Edinburgh and gives stunning views of the city and countryside. St. Margarets Chapel, Mons Meg siege cannon, the Great Hall, the magnificently restored Laich Hall and the Scottish National War Memorial are here together with the highly acclaimed "Honours of the Kingdom" exhibition which traces the history of Scotland's Crown Jewels and culminates in a visit to the Crown Room housing the Scottish Regalia and the Stone of Destiny. A series of performances known as the Edinburgh Military Tattoo take place on the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade each year during August. The basis of the performance is a parade of the pipes and drums of the Scottish regiments. The climax of the evening is the lone piper on the castle battlements, playing a pibroch in memory of dead comrades in arms, followed by the massed pipe bands joining in a medley of traditional Scottish tunes.


Edinburgh Castle is one of Scotland's most awe-inspiring and striking landmarks. A site of human habitation since the 9th century BC, it has a rich and varied history and has been a crucial strategic military site for thousands of years. Tales of Edinburgh Castle (Luath Storyteller) (Luath Storyteller Series).

In Edinburgh Castle, Scotland's Haunted Fortress, readers will explore this awesome structure that has stood for more than 2,000 years. Children will meet the Earl of Moray, who scaled the castle's walls to stage a daring commando raid in 1314. They'll also read about the many ghosts that are said to haunt the castle, and discover Scotland's revered treasures, the Stone of Destiny and the Crown Jewels. Edinburgh Castle: Scotland's Haunted Fortress (Castles, Palaces & Tombs).

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