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Endless Tide

The Endless TideThe Endless Tide Meeting a vast cast of characters, Thomson ranges from personal anecdotes of impromptu ceilidh's, to more political and scientific issues, looking at agricultural politics and ecological debates. North Scotland's brutal Viking origins and the mysterious Pagan practices of its past are explored, yet "The Endless Tide's" reach extends far beyond this country, touching on world events since pre-Biblical times. It is varied and compelling, with language bordering on the poetic, space and freedom pour from the pages. Mixing his own personal story with Scotland's historical past, this book is a melting-pot of ideas, snapshots and autobiographical accounts, which conjure up the vital past and continuing force of the elusive Highland spirit. A sweeping work, which works on a micro and macro level, examining the continual cycle of humanity, and Scotland's place in the process.

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