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England HistoryEngland: The Autobiography. 2,000 Years of English History By Those Who Saw It Happen England History. Fountainhead of democracy, engine of the Industrial Revolution, epicentre of the globe's greatest empire and the first-ditch stand against an expansionist Germany in two world wars: England's history is among the most fascinating and influential the world has ever known. This unique volume presents that history in unique form: first-hand, through the words of those who saw it and those who made it. All the great events of the last 2,000 years are here: the Norman Conquest, Magna Carta, the Peasants' Revolt, Henry VIII's break with Rome, the Great Fire of London, Nelson at Trafalgar, two world wars. Alongside these are the less obvious happenings which together capture the nation's social history, such as the Black Death of 1349 or life as a chimney sweep in 1817. And of course there are the things that have shaped the nature of Englishness', like theatregoing in Elizabethan London, fox hunting in 1898, Oates's self-sacrifice at the South Pole, the Beatles and the 1966 World Cup. Presented chronologically and a joy to read whether cover-to-cover or dipped into as a treasury of sources, England: The Autobiography offers an intimate, vivid and revealing portrait of England and the English and the unique place of both in world history.

Round and About ChatsworthRound and About Chatsworth England History. The almost legendary palace of Chatsworth has been presided over by the same family for more than 450 years. Here, Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire tells the story of the glorious, superbly-kept estate that surrounds it. With her husband, the 11th Duke of Devonshire, the Duchess was responsible for Chatsworth for 53 years, and was deeply involved with all aspects of the estate, from major decisions on farming policy to choosing the furniture for the bedrooms above the pub. The house, of course, is what the 450,000 visitors make a bee-line for each year, but countless more come to walk in the park. There are over 450 houses on the 35,000-acre estate, as well as an untold numbers of architectural curiosities - bridges and byres, mills, milestones and a mortuary, turrets and troughs; much more is also man-made: lakes, forests, and even the course and height of the river. Many within a couple of miles of the house were inspired by the imagination of one of the dukes. It is these that the Duchess describes, weaving her tales around an album of specially-commissioned photographs. Recounting facts and fables, she takes the reader on four fascinating walks, as gripping from an armchair as they are in the open air.

The Strange Laws of Old EnglandThe Strange Laws of Old England England History. A fun and fascinating tour of the by-ways of British legal history. Did you know that the law requiring a London taxi driver to carry a bale of hay on top of his cab to feed the horse was in force until 1976? Or that Welshmen are not allowed in the city of Chester after dark? Nigel Cawthorne has unearthed an extraordinary, and sometimes hilarious, collection of the most bizarre and arcane laws that have been enacted over the centuries. Some of which, incredibly are still in force! It is still illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament in a suit of armour?.

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