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Dougie MacLean


She loves me, she loves me not
where can a simple island boy begin?
this Highland pride is all I've got
but in the darkness it means everything
it makes me one with the tide
it makes me strong when I'm burning inside

Standing here on Cadderley
between the burn and the turning sea
I gaze across at these golden hills
I'm looking all the way to eternity

I stand naked I'm the native one I like
to feel the wind across my face
I like to dream but maybe I should run
in case our tracks get covered and we leave no trace
no trace of where we have come
no trace of songs we can hold for our young


I will sow this seed again
I will work this field and know it's never-ending
I'll lose a son to the German wars
we'll lose the land he was fighting for
lose our language to greed and gain
all washed away by a southern rain
washed until we can't see
what our destiny meant us to be


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