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Ethie Castle

Near Montrose, Tayside

Probably the most well known person to have lived at Ethie Castle was David Beaton, Abbott of Arbroath, who moved into the castle in 1524 and spent much time having it extended into the great house as it is today. He loved Ethie and he and his beautiful wife had seven children there. David Beaton was to be murdered at St. Andrews on 29th May, 1546.

Shortly after his death his ghost was seen at Ethie and even now, although on much rarer occasions, his ghost has been seen, mainly on a narrow staircase that leads to a secret doorway in his old bedroom. A dragging noise and unexplained footsteps have been heard on regular occasions.

A new governess arrived at Ethie and was given a room in the older part of the house, an area which had been unoccupied for some considerable time. After her first night there she complained of being awakened by the sound of a child running in a room above her bedroom, accompanied by the sound of what appeared to be a wheeled toy being pulled along the floor. What was more disturbing was the sound of a child sobbing. Finally, after the governess had complained several times, investigations were carried out and it was discovered that the door to the room immediately above the governess' bedroom had been bricked up and panelled over. When the wall was broken down the skeleton of a child was found lying on the floor close to the remains of a little wooden cart. After the bones had been buried, the sounds ceased completely.

Ethie Castle is also haunted by the ghost of a woman, sometimes seen in the high-walled garden. Her appearances are said to warn of a death in the family.

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