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Dundee: A Voyage of Discovery

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Tay Bridge Disaster, 1879

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Dundee MemoriesDundee Memories Ian Malcolm was born into a Scotland which has now almost entirely vanished. The crowded, narrow streets of Dundee's Overgate which he describes have been replaced with shopping centres; the trams which rattled through the City Square have long been silenced and Dundee University campus now stands on the site which used to be Hawkhill's busy community centre. In Dundee Memories, the routine and atmosphere of Dundee life in the twenties, thirties and forties is expertly recreated. From his earliest memories as a toddler in a Blackness Road Tenement through childhood fun and games, to evacuation and then eventual employment in Dundee's thriving jute industry, the author recalls in vivid detail the habits and incidents of an almost forgotten time.

The Dundee Whalers

The Dundee Whalers 1750-1914. This is a study of what was Britain's leading whaling port. Today, Dundee captains and the city's whaling fleet have a permanent place in the geography of the world. Cape Adams, Cape Milne, Artic Bay and Eclipse Sound recall an era when the city's stoutly built ships, manned by heroic adventurers, discovered new routes, made new friends, but seldom sailed far from danger. In Dundee itself, streets such as Whale Lane and Baffin Street serve as reminders of an era in which Dundee dominated the whaling grounds. Moreover, the Dundee fleet has excelled as polar exploration ships, providing vessels for Captain Scott, Ernest Shackleton and Admiral Byrd, leaving a permanent reminder of the city's historic role at Dundee Island, Antarctica. An appendix lists all the ships and their captains.

Whalehunters: Dundee and the Arctic... Whalers.

Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silvery... Reinvestigating the Tay Bridge Disaster of 1879.

Modern Dundee

Modern Dundee: Life in the City Since... World War Two. A fascinating view of the changes that Dundee has undergone. A must-read for everyone with an interest in the city.

Aberdeen, Dundee and Central Scotland:... Macdonald's Tourists' Guide 1925.

A reputation for excellence: A history... of the Dundee and Perth printing industries.

Geology of the Perth and Dundee District....

Bonnets of Bonnie Dundee: A Short... History of Bonnet-Making and Bonnet Wearing in Dundee.

Sagas of the Sea: Tales of Dundee's... Maritime Past.

Juteopolis: Dundee and Its Textile... Textile Workers, 1885-1923.

Maltmen, Customs and Excisemen of Dundee....

The Diary of John Sturrock, Millwright,... Dundee, 1864-65. No other working-class diary for this period in Dundee's history has so far been found. In it, Sturrock records much of what was happening in Dundee during the boom which accompanied the American Civil War. Dock construction, military parades, visiting lecturers, circuses, shows and other forms of entertainment are all described. Christopher Whatley's introduction places John Sturrock within the social context of mid-Victorian Britain and Dundee, taking account of current thinking amongst historians about "respectability" and class and popular consciousness.

The Road and the Miles: Homage to Dundee.

Old Dundee: More Scenes and Memories.

Dundee: An Evocation of Town Life.

Across the Great Divide: History of... Professional Football in Dundee.

Dundee United: Champions of Scotland... 1982-83.

Dundee Football Club (Archive... Photographs)

The Sword and Pen: Poems of 1915 from... Dundee and Tayside.

Dundee and Newtyle Railway Including the... Alyth and Blairgowrie Branches.

Railways of Dundee (Oakwood Library of... Railway History)

One Artful and Ambitious Individual:... Alexander Riddoch, 1745-1822, Provost of Dundee, 1787-1819.

Dundee's Literary Lives: Twentieth... Century.

Small Group Tours of This Area Of Scotland.

One Mans River: Paintings and Sketches... from Scotland's River Tay.

Owners and Vessels Associated with the... Small Ports of the River Tay.

Broughty Ferry (Archive Photographs:... )

Explorer Map 0380: Dundee & Sidlaw Hills....

Landranger Map 0054: Dundee & Montrose,....

Dundee Walks: 20 Country Walks Within 20... Drive of the City.

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