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Billy Connolly DVD
Billy Connolly - Live In New York

Still Game
Chewin' The Fat - Still Game [1999]


Rab C Nesbitt Comedy DVD
Rab C. Nesbitt's Seasonal Greet

Rikki and Me
Rikki and Me

Hullawrerr China!: The Francie and Josie Scripts

Scottish Comedy
Scottish Comedy - Vol. 1 - The Ladies - Dorothy And Elaine

Francie And Josie

Monarch Of The Glen
Monarch Of The Glen - Series 4 - Part 1...

Rikki Fulton's Reverend IM Jolly And...

The Steamie

The Tales Of Para Handy
The Tales Of Para Handy - Salvage!
VHS Video

Whisky Galore Video
Whisky Galore [1949]
VHS Video

Funny Scots

Billy Connolly World Tour Of ScotlandBilly Connolly - World Tour Of Scotland... ... Billy Connolly is has a unique view of the world, and which makes his World Tour series so unique. This was the first World Tour he did, where he returns to his home country. It is not a tourist guide to Scotland, since Billy only shows what he likes himself, but it will leave you amazed about the beauty of this country. Funny Scots. Billy Connolly DVDs.

It's a Funny Life Jimmy Logan appeared to have it all. He ran a prestigious theatre, lived in a castle, flew his own plane and had one of the best-known faces in Briain. A few years later he was penniless living with his dad. This book tells Jimmy''s story.

Is It That Time Already? Rikki Fulton was one of the biggest stars Scotland has ever produced. From his early days compering for the great dance bands of the 1950s, to classic comedy performances in 'Francie & Josie' and 'Scotch & Wry' and appearances in Hollywood movies like 'Gorky Park', his hugely successful career on stage and screen has made him one of Scotland's best loved entertainers. Funny Scots.

Rab C NesbittRab C. Nesbitt - Series 1 And Series 2 DVD. Comprises the complete episodes from the first and second series of the hit TV show, featuring the string-vested Scot, Rab C. Nesbitt. Also includes the Christmas special 'Seasonal Greet' and many other great sketches. Funny Scots.

The Best Way to Walk: Chic Murray Story Tells the story of Chic Murray, who remains one of the most impersonated comedians in the world. He developed his own style, basing it on his natural sense of surrealism and gift for story-telling. Funny Scots.

Billy Connolly - Live 2002 As you might have guessed already, Billy Connolly Live 2002 presents highlights from the Big Yin's 2002 stage tour. The programme is divided in two, the first part offering an hour from his Dublin show, the second delivering 45 minutes of highlights from eight other performances. Funny Scots.

Rab C Nesbitt DVDSRab C. Nesbitt - Series 4 - Episodes 1 To 6 Features six great episodes from the fourth season of the television comedy. Rab is forced to move back in with his mother when he finds it difficult to use the 'L' word. Episodes include: 'Love', 'Mother', 'Buckfast', 'Test', 'Eorpa' and 'Further'.

Monarch Of The Glen - Series 1 [2000] Based on the novels of Compton Mackenzie the story follows the life and times of Archie MacDonald who is working in London when he is called home to the Scottish Highlands after his father is taken ill. Finding the estate debt-ridden he stays on to try and sort things out. Funny Scots.

Elaine's World Best-known as the feisty wife of Rab C. Nesb itt, Elaine C. Smith is one of Scotland''s most popular actre sses. In Elaine''s World, she charts her career so far, telling the story of her rise to fame and the trials and tribulat ions along the way.

Rab C. Nesbitt - Series 3 - Episodes 1 To 6 Join Rab and Mary Doll in the first six episodes from the third series of the television comedy. Episodes featured include: 'Rich', 'Touch', 'Gifted', 'Wean', 'Right' and 'Cell'.

Monarch Of The Glen - Series 2 [2000] Archie attempts to turn the Glenbogle Estate into a thriving business but he has to contend with his father and many love interests. Funny Scots.

Gregory's GirlGregory's Girl (1981) [1980] There is something so utterly captivating about this Bill Forsyth film, whether it's the quaintly authentic Scottish accents or the wholly universal story of young love. But what really gives Gregory's Girl its evergreen appeal is the enchanting performance of young Gordon John Sinclair as the eponymous gangly lead. With his shock of red hair, he's all arms and legs and inexperience. Gregory becomes infatuated with Dorothy, who proves a heartier and better athlete than he is. Gregory's so clueless, he relies on advice from his wee sister. The won best screenplay at the British Academy Awards. Funny Scots.

Scottish Comedy - Vol. 2 - Tam Cowan... The very best of 'Only An Excuse' from between 1993 and 1999 plus Tam Cowan on stage with total football comedy.

The Tales Of Para HandyThe Tales Of Para Handy - Master Mariner Three episodes taken from the TV comedy series. Includes: 'Para Handy, Master Mariner', 'A Night Alarm' and 'Para Handy, Poacher' in which the Captain is caught poaching by Lady Ramsay's gamekeeper, but all is not lost. Not available on DVD. Scottish Comedy VHS Video.

Ealing Studios DVD Collection -... Featuring: Champagne Charlie, The Maggie, It Always Rains On Sunday and Whisky Galore. Comedy DVDs.

Local Hero [1983] This film is gorgeous. If you want to roar with laughter it might not be your cup of tea, but it's a real giggle right the way through and actually gets funnier with repeat viewing as you begin to notice all the little quirky moments. Scottish Comedy DVDs.

The MaggieThe Maggie [1953] An often overlooked Ealing treasure, this gentle comedy is filmed around the Crinan canal on Scotland's West coast, Glasgow and on the island of Islay, centred around the crew of a little Clyde puffer called "The Maggie". Not available on DVD. Scottish Comedy VHS Video.

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