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The Greatest Gardening Tips in the WorldThe Greatest Gardening Tips in the World (Greatest Tips in the World S.) A must-have book of great ideas for banishing slugs, snails, aphids, ants, cats and squirrels etc. plus many fun, natural, money-saving and innovative tips for growing healthier plants in your garden. Did you know that; vacuum cleaner fluff is a superb feed for tomato plants? cling film and live yoghurt together have a brilliant use in the garden? you can exile cats with a used tea bag and a can of muscle rub spray? slugs and snails can be stopped in their tracks with a handful of horse hair? a bar of soap is all you need to keep squirrels from pinching your bulbs? These and many more amazing but true facts make up a superb collection of over 130 useful gardening tips that really can work to make your gardening so much easier. Gardening Tips.

Seeds of WisdomSeeds of Wisdom: A Handful of Seasonal Tips from Britain's Head Gardeners The professionals share their many years of experience at the head of some of Britain's leading gardens such as Penhurst Place, Tatton Park, Gresgarth Hall, Arabella Lennox-Boyd's garden. Crathes Castle, Barton Manor, Highgrove, Great Dixter, Wisley etc. There are tips on every subject under the sun from growing kniphofias to making simple cold frames, from combating legginess in pelargoniums to reviving tired evergreen shrubs. Organised into a variety of subjects, this will be a fascinating and enlightening read full of the wisdom and knowledge of years of experience and hard work.

Tips and Techniques to Make Your Garden BloomCreate Your Dream Garden: Tips and Techniques to Make Your Garden Bloom (52 Brilliant Ideas S.) Here are 52 blooming ideas to get your garden looking beautiful and how to keep on top of it all without breaking your hoe in two. The authors reveal: How to design without the despair. Why paying the nursery doesn’t pay. How to slug it out. Easy lessons in pruning. How to improve that moss and clover infested area some call a lawn. The real way to deal with weeds, perhaps even live with them? Making a garden fun for kids. Gardening Tips.

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