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RHS Encyclopedia of GardeningRHS Encyclopedia of Gardening. This is the definitive practical guide to gardening, from the experts at the RHS. From gardening techniques, planning and maintenance to growing plants, fruits or vegetables, create a thriving garden by following unrivalled advice. This new edition is fully updated to include new styles, plants and the latest developments in horticulture, including organic gardening and the effects of global warming. Whatever your level of skill in the great outdoors, expert tips and guidance from editor Christopher Brickell and his team of specialist contributors will help you create and keep your perfect garden all year round. RHS Encyclopedia of Gardening (RHS).


Alan TitchmarshAlan Titchmarsh, the Gardener's Year The Gardener's Year is not about quick fixes, design makeovers or hard drudge, but simply about knowing what you should be doing in your garden, when, and why. Month by month Alan gives us the low-down on how to keep your garden looking its best. In-depth and packed full of useful tips, it includes advice on everything from what seeds you can plant out in your vegetable plot in May, to how to keep your hanging baskets looking stunning in September.

Delia Smith Kitchen GardeningDelia's Kitchen Garden: A Beginners' Guide to Growing and Cooking Fruit and Vegetables This guide, now available in paperback, and written by Gay with 56 recipes from Delia Smith, is for those who are interested in good food and want to try their hand at growing their own. It follows a year in the life of her kitchen garden, with a chapter devoted to each month, containing detailed advice on sowing and planting, fruit and vegetable varieties, and how to harvest. With failsafe recipes by Delia that use the produce at its peak, this guide is suitable for first-time horticulturists and cooks of all levels. The book is lavishly designed and has over 300 colour photographs. Gardening.

Gardening Through the YearRHS Gardening Through the Year Whatever the season, this is your essential guide to gardening all year round. With specific monthly tasks for every part of the garden, expert plant advice, tips on organisation and over 1,000 photographs, this is the garden reference that not only tells you what to do when, but also shows you how to do it. Whether you are a green fingered guru or are just starting out, enjoy 12 months of satisfying and successful gardening.

Allotment GardeningAllotment Gardening: An Organic Guide for Beginners Allotment Gardening is packed with advice: from choosing and planning your allotment through to harvesting and storing your produce. Part One covers: tools; planning and clearing the site; soil, crop rotation; planting and protecting plants; design; growing techniques; common problems; gardener’s calendar. Part Two includes and A-Z of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers; companion planting; storage tips; directory of organic seed suppliers; useful organizations. Each fruit and vegetable entry features easy recipes, such as Pumpkin Soup, Frizzled Brussel Sprouts, Roasted Beetroot with Thyme, Sauteed Kohlrabi, Ribollita, Blackcurrant Sorbet and Rhubarb Jam. Gardening.

A Decade in the GardenMy Roots: A Decade in the Garden Taken from Monty's Observer column, this is a decade in gardening, as recorded by the nation's head gardener. Monty Don, the face of British gardening, has written a weekly Observer column on his garden for the past ten years. Over time the columns have been a practical guide, a poetic record of the garden's changing seasons, and also a personal account of how the garden has kept his feet firmly planted on the ground through bad times and good.T

Encyclopedia of Plants and FlowersRHS Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers (RHS S.) The classic must-have for any gardening planning, developing and nurturing their dream garden, from the experts at the RHS. This book is packed with advice on over 8,000 plants, with all you need to know on cultivation, pests, diseases and choosing the right plant for the right place. It now features a new section on choosing the best plants for year-round colour in your garden. Gardening.

Botany for GardenersBotany for Gardeners Botany for Gardeners will introduce and explain fundamental botanical concepts to gardeners of all abilities, helping them understand plants from a plant's point of view. In engaging, clear language, Brian Capon explains the often mysterious life of plants; What happens inside a seed after it is planted?; How are plants structured?; How do plants adapt to their environment?; How is water transported from soil to leaves?; Why are minerals, air and light important for healthy plant growth?; How do plants reproduce? Gardening.

Growing OrchidsGrowing Orchids - Successful Gardening Indoors and Out: An Illustrated Encyclopedia and Practical Gardening Guide This book on orchids opens with a round-the-world tour of the range of tropical and temperate habitats in which orchids are found, as well as an explanation of the main orchid types. A section on growing orchids indoors is included, whether in glass tanks and baskets or on trees and stones, as well as growing orchids outdoors. An orchid directory looks in detail at a wide range of orchid species and hybrids, providing information on their natural habitat, size, flowering time and growing requirements. All the main genera are covered, from cymbidium and dendrobium, to phalaenopsis and phragmipedium, as well as a selection of rare orchids. Also included is a list of suppliers and an easy-to-use glossary. Gardening.

The Edible Container GardenThe Edible Container Garden: Fresh Food from Tiny Spaces You do not need a garden to grow delicious and decorative vegetables, fruit, herbs and edible flowers. A balcony will do, or a rooftop, windowsill, houseboat, or small backyard. All you require is some basic know-how. From design to harvest, this book provides everything you need to maximise your outdoor space and transform it into a colourful edible paradise. Gardening.

Greenhouse GardenerThe Greenhouse Gardener There are many ways of using a greenhouse and a gardener can adopt one or all of them. In spring, you can start all kinds of young plants from seed; raise tender perennials to fill gaps in the garden; give young vegetable plants like beans and sweetcorn a head start; sow early lettuce while the soil is too sticky to work outdoors. During spring and summer, you can raise greenhouse crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and chillis. You'll be able to overwinter tender plants such as bananas and cannas. And the greenhouse can be a showcase full of beautiful, unusual and exotic plants.

Secret Gardens / More Secret Gardens Alan Titchmarsh shows the delights and problems of sixteen of England's most beautiful and secluded gardens. Gardening DVD.

Secret Lives of Garden BirdsThe Secret Lives of Garden Birds Have you ever wondered what the birds in your garden get up to when they're not tucking into peanuts and seeds on the birdtable? This book takes us, month by month, into the secret lives of our most familiar garden birds, revealing inspiring, intriguing and scandalous real-life dramas such as the ferocious turf battles of Robins, the profound family ties of Long-tailed Tits and the remarkable sex-life of the Dunnock. The amazing facts that it reveals should help you to understand, encourage and enjoy your garden birds more than ever before. Written with engaging humour and enlivened throughout with colour paintings and photographs, this book should appeal to anyone who enjoys watching birds in their gardens. Gardening.

Gardens Of The National Trust - Vol. 1 This programme studies six National Trust gardens: Killerton, Devon, Barrington Court, Somerset, Peckover House, Cambridgeshire, Dunham Massey, Cheshire, Cragside, Northumberland and Sheffield Park, Sussex.

Plants for PlacesPlants for Places (RHS S.) From damp shady spots to choosing the best climbers for pergolas, rely on the expertise and authority of the RHS to help you choose the plants that are ideal for your garden. Whether you want to attract wildlife or perfume your scented garden, quick-reference lists show you the best plants for every site and situation. With full colour photographs and growing information for over 1,000 tried and tested plants, this is the perfect pocket-sized guide for trips to the garden centre and nursery. Gardening.

The Water GardenerThe Water Gardener A reference for all water gardeners, whether amateur or professional. From building a wall fountain or installing a pond to replanting a stream, it features technical advice and drawings, steering the reader around the pitfalls. Areas covered include: designing a full range of water features, including fountains, ponds, bog gardens, streams and leisure pools; preparing the site, whether flat, sloping, wet or dry, on sand or on rock; construction methods and materials; special effects with lighting, stepping stones and islands; safety and maintenance measures; stocking a pond with fish and attracting wildlife; planting techniques; and a full catalogue of floating, emergent and marginal plants, marsh and water-loving plants, as well as waterside trees and shrubs. Gardening.

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