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Ghosts Of Glamis Castle Scotland

Ghosts Of Glamis Castle Scotland

Ghost stories also abound at Glamis Castle, Scotland, indeed, Glamis has the reputation of being Scotland's most haunted castle. Stories include those of the game of cards played with the devil in the scaled chamber in the crypt, the Grey Lady who haunts the chapel and the little black page who sits on a stone sear outside the Queen Mother's sitting room.  Perhaps the strangest mystery of all is the window that looks out from a chamber to which there is, apparently, no door.

King Malcolm II was said to have been murdered here in the 11th century.  The family chapel is haunted by a Grey Lady, who is said to be the spirit of Lady Janet Douglas, burnt at the stake as a witch on Castle Hill, Edinburgh in 1537, on charges of plotting to poison
the King. It is likely that the charges were fabricated. The apparition has been seen relatively recently in the chapel by a number of witnesses. She is also said to appear above the Clock Tower.

The ghost of a woman with no tongue is said to haunt the grounds, and to look out from a barred window somewhere within the castle. She runs about the park pointing at her mutilated face. There is no suggestion as to who she might be.

One of the more infamous ghosts is known as Earl Beardie, otherwise known as Alexander, Earl Crawford. His spirit is said to wander the castle. He is also said to be gambling for all eternity in a secret room with the Devil, people have reported loud swearing and the rattling of dice.

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