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Glasgow Ghosts

Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland. The theatre, built in 1878, became the citizens in 1945 and is said to be haunted by a Green Lady, a former front of house manager who committed suicide by throwing herself from the upper circle.

Dalmarnock Bridge Road, Glasgow, Scotland. The bridge is reputed to be haunted by the ghost of a young man who took his own life here.  He appears to be a normal looking man in his thirties wearing a black coat and trousers.  Witnesses claim to have seen a man who they thought was about to commit suicide.  But when he jumps off the bridge vanishes into thin air.

Drumlanrig Castle, Scotland, was built in the 17th century for the first Duke of Queensbury. There are at least three supernatural castle residents: Lady Ann Douglas, who carries her head in one hand and an ornate fan in the other. The second ghost is a yellow monkey that turns up in front of guests; and finally an unidentified lady who appears in a flowing dress. There is also a corridor in the castle known as 'The Bloody Passage' in which it is believed that someone was murdered and apparently still shows evidence of the blood on the floor which could not be washed away.

Duke Street, Glasgow, Scotland. A house in this street was once rented by a family whose children started to play with something that looked like a dog. This was curious as the family did not own one. The children were also puzzled by the fact that they could never quite touch the furry animal. The family moved out. A paranormal investigator was sent in later and witnessed a large dog disappearing into a wall halfway up the stairs.

Glasgow Infirmary, Scotland. Haunted by a 'Green Lady' - one story being that she is the ghost of a nurse who fell to her death down a stairwell while trying to prevent a patient from committing suicide.

Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Scotland. The theatre, dating from 1867 is said to be haunted by two ghosts. The first being a former cleaner called Nora. She was an aspiring actress, but because she was not taken seriously is reported to have jumped from the top circle. Her ghost manifests itself with moaning and slamming doors. The second is the ghost of a fireman who died in a tragic accident while tackling a blaze in the theatre. He haunts the orchestra pit and has been spotted by the musicians.

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