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Glasgow Memories

Glasgow Memories

Our Glasgow. Memories of Life in Disappearing Britain. This oral history of Glasgow spans most of the last century – a time of economic downturn and eventual renewal, in which the many communities making up the city experienced upheavals that tore some apart and brought others closer together. It tells of the beating heart of no mean city in the words of the people who made it what it is. Piers Dudgeon has listened to dozens of people who remember the city as it was, and who have lived through its many changes. They talk of childhood and education, of work and entertainment, of family, community values, health, politics, religion and music. Their stories will make you laugh and cry. It is people's own memories that make history real and this engrossing book captures them vividly. Our Glasgow: Memories of Life in Disappearing Britain.


Glasgow Smells

Glasgow Smells. In the mind of Michael Meighan, all the most vivid memories of his boyhood are inseparably mingled with the potent scents of Glasgow streets. Through heady description of each of these odours, Meighan returns to the city where he grew up in the 1950s and 60s, recreating the vanished people and places he knew as a child. Beginning in the dimly-lit rooms of Davy Ireland tobacconists, where Meighan lived with his parents, inhaling acrid smoke and the aroma of freshly printed news, travelling via the Glasgow tram, reeking of leather and electric and along the pungent docks and fish market, the book winds its way through the city. Seen through the eyes of a child and illustrated with original sketches, the book offers a unique perspective on all the most famous locations of Glasgow that will captivate anyone who knows the city. Glasgow Smells.

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