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The Greenhouse GardenerThe Greenhouse Gardener A greenhouse can be a garden's greatest asset: its nucleus and powerhouse. There are many ways of using a greenhouse and a gardener can adopt one or all of them. In spring, you can start all kinds of young plants from seed; raise tender perennials to fill gaps in the garden; give young vegetable plants like beans and sweetcorn a head start; sow early lettuce while the soil is too sticky to work outdoors. During spring and summer, you can raise greenhouse crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and chillis. You'll be able to overwinter tender plants such as bananas and cannas. And the greenhouse can be a showcase full of beautiful, unusual and exotic plants. Trained at Kew and for many years Glasshouse Supervisor at the RHS Garden at Wisley, Anne Swithinbank is the expert on greenhouse gardening, and in this book she comprehensively describes the techniques that will allow you to greatly expand the growing capabilities of your garden.

Gardening in Your GreenhouseGardening in Your Greenhouse (Greenhouse Basics) Practical information on everything you need to know to raise plants successfully in your home greenhouse: Selecting the right equipment; Preparing the soil; Watering; Regulating heat and light; Starting seeds; Outsmarting pests; Transplanting; Hardening off. In a lively, dependable, down to earth manner, Mark Freeman gives helpful advice on growing vegetables and herbs, flowering and non flowering houseplants, and flowers that can be harvested in quantity. Greenhouse Gardening.

Conservatory and Greenhouse GardeningConservatory and Greenhouse Gardening (Collins Practical Gardener S.) Whether it's a small citrus plant or a large vine, conservatory plants are more popular than ever. Collins Practical Gardener Conservatory & Greenhouse Gardening is bursting with practical advice and step-by-step instructions covering everything from choosing and planning a structure to filling it full of plants and keeping them thriving. Covers all the technical know-how you'll need including planning permission, different types of structure available and how to keep your greenhouse clean. The book is a complete guide to how to maintain different types of growing conditions using heaters, ventilation, water systems, light and shade, and tips on what plants grow best in which environment. it contains all the information you will need on feeding, watering, repotting, pruning and support - even advice on keeping your plants healthy while you're on holiday! A comprehensive A-Z directory of all commonly available conservatory and greenhouse plants provides an at-a-glance reference for care needs and individual varieties. Another invaluable feature is the diagnostic troubleshooting chart, enabling you to identify plant problems from the symptoms. Bursting with information, advice and practical tips this informative guide to conservatory and greenhouse gardening is the most attractive and down-to-earth reference of its kind.

Building Your Own GreenhouseBuilding Your Own Greenhouse (Greenhouse Basics) Building a greenhouse can be easy and inexpensive with this comprehensive handbook. Practical instructions guide you through every step of the process: Selecting a site; Laying a foundation; Framing; Glazing; Ventilating; Insulating; Plumbing; Wiring. Eleven specific examples from simple cold frames to large free standing and attached to the house structures are featured. Greenhouse Gardening.

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