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Growing FlowersFlowers A to Z: Buying,Growing,Cutting, Arranging Arranged alphabetically from Agapanthus to Zinnia for quick access, magnificent full-page photographs depict each flower at its finest. Smaller images offer handy visual guides, showing the difference between fresh and older flowers and demonstrating the care required for that particular type. A special quick-reference box on each flower offers: the flower's various names; the varieties in which it comes; available colours; scent; characteristics of freshness or aging; vase life in number of days; and relative cost. Other features may include a flower's meaning in the language of flowers or other items of interest. A wonderful combination of beauty and practicality, this book is essential for any flower lover.

Growing and Arranging Garden FlowersThe Cutting Garden: Growing and Arranging Garden Flowers Aimed at everyone who loves flowers and wants to fill their home with colour and scent, this book combines advice with innovative ideas for floral arrangements created with garden grown flowers. This practical guide shows how to grow decorative flowers and foliage and use them to create floral arrangements plans, plant and maintain a well stocked cutting garden, and demonstrates how to create arrangements ranging from simple bunches to romantic hanging globes, swags and medallions. Step-by-step instructions shows how to achieve professional effects with flowers grown in the garden. The book covers more than 200 plants, organized by season, colour and size, with instructions on growing, picking and conditioning. Each appears in a close-up colour photograph for instant identification.

The Gardener's Guide to Growing Hellebores The Gardener's Guide to Growing Hellebores features a wealth of practical advice on the cultivation and propagation of these increasingly popular plants. The book contains jargon free accounts of species in the wild, descriptions of the varieties currently being grown, advice on breeding your own, and most importantly, an extensive chapter on associating hellebores with other plants and arranging groupings for maximum effect in the garden. With contributions from other hellebore enthusiasts and accounts of the work of recent hellebore pioneers, this is a truly comprehensive and up-to-date account of these beautiful plants. No gardener who loves spring flowers will want to be without this lively, authoritative and inspirational book. Growing Flowers.

Growing OrchidsGrowing Orchids - Successful Gardening Indoors and Out: An Illustrated Encyclopedia and Practical Gardening Guide This book on orchids opens with a round-the-world tour of the range of tropical and temperate habitats in which orchids are found, as well as an explanation of the main orchid types. A section on growing orchids indoors is included, whether in glass tanks and baskets or on trees and stones, as well as growing orchids outdoors. An orchid directory looks in detail at a wide range of orchid species and hybrids, providing information on their natural habitat, size, flowering time and growing requirements. All the main genera are covered, from cymbidium and dendrobium, to phalaenopsis and phragmipedium, as well as a selection of rare orchids. Also included is a list of suppliers and an easy-to-use glossary.

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