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Growing OrchidsGrowing Orchids - Successful Gardening Indoors and Out: An Illustrated Encyclopedia and Practical Gardening Guide This book on orchids opens with a round-the-world tour of the range of tropical and temperate habitats in which orchids are found, as well as an explanation of the main orchid types. A section on growing orchids indoors is included, whether in glass tanks and baskets or on trees and stones, as well as growing orchids outdoors. An orchid directory looks in detail at a wide range of orchid species and hybrids, providing information on their natural habitat, size, flowering time and growing requirements. All the main genera are covered, from cymbidium and dendrobium, to phalaenopsis and phragmipedium, as well as a selection of rare orchids. Also included is a list of suppliers and an easy-to-use glossary.

Gardener's Guide to Growing Orchids This guide provides guidance on where and how to care for the many varieties of orchid that are now available. There is practical advice on growing and displaying orchids, as well as step-by-step sequences on equipment and routine care. Growing Orchids.

Growing Hardy OrchidsGrowing Hardy Orchids This is a book for adventurous gardeners with an appreciation for temperate orchid species and native wildflowers. A surprising number of terrestrial orchids are hardy, some able to withstand temperatures down to minus 50[degrees]F or minus 45.5[degrees]C. Though they have a reputation for being challenging to cultivate, in truth, most hardy orchids are no more so than a rose. This is great news for gardeners, who will enjoy filling their gardens with their enchanting fragrances, vibrant colour displays, and long-lived blooms. At the centre of the book is a catalogue of 103 hardy and half-hardy orchids. In addition to detailing the techniques of cultivation and propagation, the book covers conservation and includes lists of suppliers and organizations offering nursery-propagated plants - an especially critical issue for species in danger of extinction. Growing Orchids.

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