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Growing Vegetables

Growing VegetablesThe Complete Vegetable Gardener: A Practical Guide to Growing Fresh and Delicious Vegetables Eating fresh home-grown produce can't be beaten and with this book which caters for novice gardeners and devoted enthusiasts alike, you will learn all you need to know to grow your own vegetables, from choosing a site to storing vegetables after the harvest. Simple, straightforward advice shows you how to match planting strategies to the way a crop grows and how to get the most out of a vegetable garden no matter what lifestyle, climate and garden soil you have. A crop list features over 80 entries on different vegetables - from artichokes to courgettes. Each entry contains a jargon buster planting prescription box, problem solver, recommended varieties and a Green Light box which helps the reader decide if this is the right plant for them. And throughout the book there are a dozen sample garden plans for every scheme from patio containers through to kitchen gardens. Growing your own vegetables has never been easier! Growing Vegetables.

Grow VegetablesGrowing Vegetables (Royal Horticultural Society's Encyclopaedia of Practical Gardening S.) This text provides the techniques needed for growing both popular and more unusual vegetables, including salad greens, brassicas, roots and tubers, onions and herbs. It treats each vegetable concisely with guidance on preparing the soil, sowing, transplanting, tending, harvesting and storage. Growing Vegetables.

Delia Smith Kitchen GardeningDelia's Kitchen Garden: A Beginners' Guide to Growing and Cooking Fruit and Vegetables This guide, now available in paperback, and written by Gay with 56 recipes from Delia Smith, is for those who are interested in good food and want to try their hand at growing their own. It follows a year in the life of her kitchen garden, with a chapter devoted to each month, containing detailed advice on sowing and planting, fruit and vegetable varieties, and how to harvest. With failsafe recipes by Delia that use the produce at its peak, this guide is suitable for first-time horticulturists and cooks of all levels. The book is lavishly designed and has over 300 colour photographs. Growing Vegetables.

Growing Your Own VegetablesThe "Gardening Which?" Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables ("Which?" Consumer Guides) Nothing tastes as good as vegetables freshly gathered from the garden, but how can you ensure that the time and effort you put into growing them does not result in disappointment? "The Gardening Which? Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables" has the answers. This practical and inspiring guide shows you in words and pictures how to grow some 50 types of vegetable, with selected varieties based on "Gardening Which?" trials and taste tests. The range includes some of the more unusual salad items and exotics now available in supermarkets, and around two dozen herbs. Symbols on each vegetable entry indicate which are easy to grow or high-yielding and a calendar takes you step by step through the planting and harvesting of each vegetable. And you don't need a dedicated vegetable plot or an allotment, many of the vegetables can be grown in containers, borders or raised beds. Pest control, routine soil care, fertilizers, watering, overwintering and the common problems affecting vegetables are covered throughout. Whether you want to be self-sufficient, or just save money on some of the pricier items available in the shops, this guide will help you get the most from your garden. Growing Vegetables.

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