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Britain HauntedHaunted Britain: Over 100 of the UK's Scariest Places to Visit This is an extensive guide covering one hundred 'haunted' sites throughout the British Isles. It includes stories of Derek's incredible ghostly encounters, and a guide to what you can expect to find at each location, as well as detailed information on opening hours and access. This fascinating book has a unique introduction by Derek Acorah and is interspersed with anecdotes from his amazing ghost hunting experiences. The guide has a map with each section and ghostly sites helpfully ordered by county or geographical area. It is perfect for a family holiday, make sure your Easter break takes in pubs, stately homes and haunted churches. It includes not only famous sites but also ones off the beaten track, ranging from public buildings to private homes to stately residences, pubs, and hotels.

Haunted Inns of Britain and IrelandHaunted Inns of Britain and Ireland Britain and Ireland are famous for their inns and hostelries - and their ghosts. It seems that our favourite haunts are also those of resident wraiths intent on revisiting their past in the cosy confines of centuries-old pubs. From Cornwall to Scotland, and from Ireland to East Anglia, historian and inveterate ghost-hunter Richard Jones seeks out the most charming inns with the spookiest of ghost stories. All the information you need for your own tour of haunted inns is provided. Just be prepared to share your pint with a ghostly knight or phantom highwayman as you pass through.

Ghosts of DerbyGhosts of Derby Derby the Ghost Capital of England? It is an intriguing thought. Now two local men, one a specialist in matters supernatural, the other a local historian with a particular interest in the subject, have joined forces to produce Ghosts of Derby, a guide to the city's spookiest sites, where ghostly presences are felt and where, sometimes, things actually do go 'bump in the night'. Here we read about ghosts from the nation's history who found their way to Derby, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Mary, Queen of Scots for instance, tormented souls, holy ghosts, surgical spirits, Derby has its share of haunted hospitals, commercial ghosts, they haunt our shops and offices and haunted inns. There is also a glossary to help the reader know more about what kind of ghosts they might expect to encounter on a trip around Derby's haunted buildings. The result is a fascinating account of a city which, by all accounts, has more ghostly occurrences than even somewhere like York. It will appeal to anyone interested in the history of Derby and, of course, to anyone who believes in ghosts.

Haunted Houses of Britain and IrelandHaunted Houses of Britain and Ireland Whether a grand palace or stately home, small family property or majestic ruin, Britain and Ireland are teeming with houses that have resident ghosts and phantoms. Renowned spectre-seeker Richard Jones has scoured the Kingdom and the Emerald Isle searching for the most haunted properties that are open to the public, be they city hotels, grand National Trust properties or small country houses. From a giggling girl and cigar smoke in Cornwall to a ghostly lion and a green lady in Scotland, Richard reveals, explains and delights in the tales of the unexplained sights, sounds and smells that visitors to these abodes may encounter, be they sceptic or ghost-hunter.

Haunted Britain and IrelandHaunted Britain and Ireland The British Isles are arguably amongst the most spectrally populous parts of the world, this guide is aimed at anyone interested in the ranks of dismembered, decapitated spectres that inhabit the countries' stately homes and blasted heaths. Region by region, ghost-seeker Richard Jones reveals, explains and delights in the tales of the tortured phantoms eager to restage their dark and turbulent pasts. The cast of characters ranges from ghostly legionaries that tramp the long-buried streets of Roman York to the malevolent fairy lights of Derbyshire's Longendale, from the shade of Ladford's murderous vicar to the grief-stricken white lady who may or may not have attended pop singer Madonna's wedding at Skibo Castle. The book is illustrated throughout and features extracts from original documents.

Haunted Realms Of BritainJason Karl's Great Ghost Hunt: A Spectral Journey Through Britain's Haunted Realms Jason Karl's Great Ghost Hunt is an exciting exploration of haunted sites throughout Britain, and is proof that even the most unlikely of places can inhabit spectres. Written by ghost expert and TV presenter Jason Karl, the book is an engrossing and detailed account of what ghosts are, exhaustive lists of different genres of ghosts and paranormal phenomena, and how and where these can be found. The text is accompanied by fascinating photographs of spectral phenomena, and is packed with first-hand witness accounts of ghostly experiences in private homes, hotels and castles among other locations, and each of the many sites featured has been visited and 'inspected' by the author. This thorough and unique book also includes practical tips on ghost hunting, including useful equipment and how to conduct an investigation, with forms to record the experience. It is a fascinating and exhaustive guide to the unexplored world of the paranormal.

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