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Auld Lang Syne
Auld Lang Syne

Hogmanay is still a more important festival in Scotland than Christmas. On the last night of the Old Year and the first minutes of the New, Scots prefer to be awake and in their own homes, or with friends. Many nowadays eat early in the evening and see the New Year in with a party, while some leave eating until 10.30pm or 11pm and time it so that they see the New Year in at the end of their meal. Scottish Hogmanay

Scottish Toasts and Graces
Scottish Toasts and Graces

" A guid New Year to ane an' a' and mony may ye see."

Which translates to English from Scots as A good New Year to one and all, and many may you see.

" Lang may yer lum reek!"

Which means long may your chimney smoke and originated when people had coal fires and if the chimney was smoking it meant that you could afford coal and keep warm.

Many of the old traditions still live on. Thousands of people gather together in Edinburgh, in the George Square in Glasgow, and in various villages and towns up and down the country to welcome in the New Year. In their homes too, many people abandon the vacuum cleaner and sweep the floor, so that the Auld Year is swept out just as the New Year is welcomed in.

Great Scottish Sing Along
Great Scottish Sing-Along

After midnight, the first stroke of twelve on the clock, the assembled party wish each other a Happy New Year, most often with a kiss or a hug, and a toast is drunk. Relatives and friends call on each other, in person or
by telephone, throughout the early hours of the morning and during the first few days of the New Year.

For luck, your ‘first foot’ (your first visitor after midnight) should be a tall, dark man. When you ‘first foot’ somebody, that is to visit them for the first time in the first few weeks of the New Year, it is customary to take some shortbread, or a lump of coal, some tea or whisky, or some other token of goodwill. Black bun and whisky cake are served in abundance with tea or whisky.

Scottish Proverbs
Scottish Proverbs

Auld Lang Syne is traditionally sung after the bells have rung and everybody has been wished a Happy New Year.

Scottish Quotations
A Little Book of Scottish Quotations

Haggis, Hogmanay and Halloween A pocket-sized guide to the many varied Scottish celebrations and festivals, both famous and lesser-known, from the Orkneys in the north to the borders in the south. Haggis is a traditional dish for Burns night celebrations and more. Halloween has been a major festival in Scotland for years. Hogmanay is one of the most important Scottish traditions ever.

I remember, I remember
Nothing further after that,
But I wakened in the morning
On an alien lobby mat;
And I felt not unpersuaded
(Though my reasons were not clear)
That I'd spent a Merry Christmas
And a Prosperous New Year.

By George Fletcher, M.D.

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