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Hungary Hotel Deals
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Hungarian CookbookHungarian Cookbook: Old World Recipes for New World Cooks These Old World recipes were brought to America by the author's grandparents, but they have been updated to accommodate today's faster-paced lifestyles. In many cases, the author presents a New World version of the recipe, in which low-fat and more readily available ingredients are substituted without compromising flavour. The new chapter on breads focuses on yeast breads, with a short section on quick breads. This is more than just a collection of 142 enticing Hungarian recipes. The author offers culinary tips, explains characteristics of the Hungarian language, and includes a glossary of terms used throughout the book. Hungarian Cooking.

The Art of Hungarian CookingThe Art of Hungarian Cooking (Hippocrene International Cookbook Classics S.) Songs of Hungary reveal that love and food are closely entwined in the hearts of this frankly and enthusiastically food-loving nation. The Art of Hungarian Cooking is a delightful accomplishment. In Hungary the spirit with which a special dish is cooked is almost as important as the ingredients and the measurements. Hungarian cooking is not spicy. It is pleasing in a sophisticated way, having that indefinable quality which also distinguishes the people. In this book there are many varieties of menus to be found, dishes to bring adventure to your cooking, give satisfaction to you as you cook and hostess over and above all the pleasure and enjoyment these dishes will afford your family and guests.

The Wines of HungaryThe Wines of Hungary (Mitchell Beazley Wine Guides S.) This reference to the 22 wine regions of Hungary shows how this country, with its once-proud wine tradition, reinvented itself after 45 years of communism, during which time the entire structure of grape growing and wine production was changed out of recognition. The author details how Hungary's re-adjustment, which still continues, has progressed through privatization, foreign investment and the dedication of small producers struggling to achieve quality standards in the face of a chronic lack of capital. He covers over 300 wine producers, not only from the famous regions like Tokaj and Villany, where significant progress has been made, but also from the lesser-known and as yet underdeveloped regions that suggest the potential to make world-class wines. There are detailed profiles of the leading producers, with assessments of their wines, plus maps detailing the key wine areas.

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