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India PhotographyIndia Photography Of India. India is a land of contradictions. It is the world's most densely populated country and the tiger's last remaining natural habitat, deeply traditional and intensely modern. A land of more than a billion people, eighteen official languages, and every religion, India defies categorization. In India photographer Olivier Follmi captures a land where tradition and modernity co-exist, the India of the cellphone and the sacred cow. Yet Follmi looks beyond the noise, chaos, and sensory overload of the Indian street to examine deeper truths about the people and their culture. His photos convey beauty and stillness, expressing a philosophy and an approach to life radically different from the West's. Follmi's work includes portraits of people of all classes, farmers and potters, dancers and musicians, parents and children, and probes human interactions with other animals, including cows, monkeys, elephants. He documents the Indian love of ornament, from women's painstaking adornments to the decorated cattle shelters in the humblest of villages. Olivier Follmi first went to India in the 1970s. Working as a guide, leading tourists on Himalayan treks, and photographing India and its people for more than twenty-five years, he came to know the country intimately. He and his wife divide their lives between the Alps and the Himalayas and have written more than 15 books, including Abrams' Buddhist Himalayas. Follmi is the official photographer of the Dalai Lama and recipient of the World Press award.

River Of ColourRiver of Colour: The India of Raghubir Singh Photography Of India. This is a retrospective view, since the mid-1960s, of the work of Raghubir Singh, one of India's greatest photographers. Published to mark the occasion of an exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, it contains images of India, with an introduction by Singh and quotations from works by noted writers about India, such as Kipling and V.S. Naipal. Since the 1960s, Singh has roamed far and wide across the vast expanses of India, from the source of the Ganges and the ghats of Benares, to Bombay and the Himalayas. In his introduction, he explains what India means to him, focusing in particular on colour. The images capture the sights and smells of streetlife, monuments and pilgrims to create a comprehensive picture of daily life in India.

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Falkland Road IndiaMary Ellen Mark: Falkland Road Photography Of India. Falkland Road is a notorious street of prostitutes in Bombay. It is like any busy lower-class street in Bombay, densely populated by vendors, merchants and shops, but also over-crowded with prostitutes, from 11-year-olds to 65-year-old ex-madams. The street is lined with old wooden buildings, which teem with prostitutes hanging out of the windows, in the viewing cages on the ground floor and on the steps. From sunrise to sunset, the customers pass down the street to survey the girls. Mary Ellen Mark's extraordinary portrait of Falkland Road was first published in 1981, and has long been recognised as one of the major bodies of work in the canon of this significant magnum photographer.

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