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Isle Of IonaIona (Historic Scotland S.) Isle Of Iona. Set at the western tip of Mull in the Inner Hebrides, the small island of Iona is the burial place of kings and the kernel from which Christianity took root among the pagan Picts, as well as being a symbol of Scottish independence. The island was also St Columba's choice for his spiritual base in 563. This book tells the archaeological story of Iona, from Columba's monastery to the island's restoration and renewal in the late-1870s, assessing the many excavations on the island itself within the wider context of Pictland and Northumbria.


The Isle of IonaThe Isle of Iona: Sacred, Spectacular, Living (Island Tributes S.) Isle Of Iona. Iona, Sacred Spectacular Living, is a visual delight. Not only in the range and particularity of its colour photographs but also in the inclusion in oil and watercolours, sketches and engravings, of a painterly perspective. Section on the wildlife of the island is a vivid illustration of George MacLeod's whole earth crying glory.

Historical Account of the Ancient Culdees of Iona (1890), A Historical Account of the Ancient Culdees of Iona. This account is about a group of religious men, who chiefly resided in Scotland, Ireland, and some adjacent Isles who where christened Culdees because of there faith and devotion in God. It is believed by some religious orders that the Culdees maintained a true Christianity belief free from outside influences.

The monastery of Iona was formerly the repository of the most ancient Scottish Records..

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