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Isle Of Jura Scotland

Photographs of Island of Jura


Jura: Island of Deer This work surveys Jura, one of the largest of the Inner Hebrides. The barrenness of Jura's landscape has meant that it has always had a smaller population than its neighbours, and was often overlooked in affairs of the times. However, Jura had its part to play through the centuries and, perhaps because of its isolation, it has a fascinating story to tell of Campbell domination, of the hardships endured by its people and of it contribution to emigration. Youngson not only presents the broad sweep of the island's history, from the Mesolithic period to the present day, but also focuses on other aspects, such as Jura's natural history and geography and the legends, poetry and song produced by its inhabitants.

Isle of Jura Single Malt is a Scotch whisky distilled on the Hebridean island of Jura.

Islay and JuraIslay and Jura The most westerly point of Argyll, Islay and Jura occupy a special place in Scotland's history, home to MacDonald, 'Lords of the Isles', as well as to the famous blend of Bowmore's Whisky Distillery. The fields and hills hold an abundance of wildlife, making it an ideal spot for farming, fishing and rambling, while its ruins speak of the impact of the nineteenth century's mass emigration and the clearances. Lord George Robertson brings his perceptive eye and lens to these different aspects of two of Scotland's most beautiful islands. This book forms part of a new series of images of Scotland's most beautiful scenery taken by some of its finest photographers. These books are not simply pictures of what we can see from our car window, nor simply misty landscapes but photography which gets to the heart of both the landscape and its human component. While covering all the main attractions in an area the photographers have sought out the quirky, the curious and the unknown to give a new dimension to a land we all thought we knew.

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