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John Logie Baird

John Logie Baird

Inventor of television

Born in Helensburgh, Baird was a serial inventor, devising a diverse range of prod­ucts, from as an all-weather sock to a working television in 1924. He also worked with colour, 3D and the forerunner of what would become the CD. He provided the BBC with its first sight and sound broadcast and its first outside broadcast, of the Derby in 1931.

Television and Me: The Memoirs of John... Logie Baird. It is not generally known that John Logie Baird, the genius who not only invented television but went on to develop colour and 3D versions of it, wrote his own life story. Apart from publication in the 1980s as a Royal Television Society monograph it has been neglected, which is a pity since it is a highly readable account of the dramatic pioneering days of television. Baird writes with blunt candour and caustic wit about the wild escapades of his early business career and later troubled relationship with Lord Reith and the fledgling BBC. With much new material, including a recently discovered final chapter by his wife, this heavily illustrated edition of his autobiography gives us a very human portrait of one of the creators of the modern world.

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