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Proud Kilmarnock A book with thirty-seven fascinating stories from Kilmarnock's proud history. Kilmarnock has much to be proud of: the town's two Nobel Prize winners; world-class companies such as Johnnie Walker; famous people such as broadcaster Kirsty Wark and the miner turned politician, Andrew Fisher; great inventors and engineers; the men who helped launch the career of Robert Burns. But like most towns there is a dark side to Kilmarnock. The book covers notorious murders, ghosts and unexplained mysteries. There is also a wealth of stories on a wide variety of other subjects. Kilmarnock FC's glory year. The cobbler-artist John Kelso Hunter. Kilmarnock's trams. The town's two great war heroes.Kilmarnock 'worthies' and other great characters. The blitz of Kilmarnock. And much, much more.

Kilmarnock Memories Kilmarnock Memories. Johnnie Walker whisky, Saxone shoes and BMK carpets are well known across the country and abroad. Less well known but also distributed across the world are Barclay locomotives and engineering feats by Glenfield and Kennedy. All these companies had their origins in the same Ayrshire town - Kilmarnock. In this book, author Frank Beattie has selected more than 200 pictures to tell the story of the town, its people, industries, churches and parks. Readers will see images of the town centre before it had its heart ripped out by 1970s developers. Also featured are the town during wartime and at work and play. Take a journey through time and discover the Kilmarnock that was, as well as the Kilmarnock we know today.

Kilmarnock FC Kilmarnock Football Club has a long and eventful history. This volume looks at 50 of the club's finest encounters. These include matches from the early days and through the club's most successful era, the 1960s, but also all of the other highs and lows - featuring the triumph of the Scottish Cup win in 1997.

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