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Langholm - A Proclamation

Hoys, Yes! That’s ae time! Hoys, Yes! That’s Twae
times! Hoys, Yes! That’s the third and last time!

This is tae gi’e notice!

That there’s a muckle Fair to be hadden in the Muckle
Toon o’ the Langholm, on the 15th day of July, auld
style, upon His Grace the Duke o’ Buccleuch’s Merk
Land, for the space o’ eight days and upwards; and a’
land-loupers, and dun-scoupers, and gae-by-the-gate
swingers, that come here tae breed hurdums or durdums,
huliments or buliments, hagglements or bragglements, or
tae molest this public Fair, they shall be ta’en by order o’
the Bailie an’ the Toon Cooncil, and their lugs shall be
nailed tae the Tron wi’ a twal-penny nail; and they shall
sit doon on their bare knees and pray seeven times for the King, thrice for the Muckle Laird o’ Ralton, and pay a
groat tae mee, Jamie Ferguson, Bailie o’ the aforesaid
Manor, and Aw’ll away hame an’ hae a barley banna’ an’
a saut herrin’ tae my denner by way o’ auld style.

Huzza! Huzza! Huzza!
Traditional: Langholm Common Riding

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