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Live and Work in ScotlandLive and Work in Scotland A detailed survey of the opportunities for employment, living and retiring in Scotland, from the Borders and the great cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow to the Highlands and Islands. Includes sections on the pros and cons of moving to Scotland; immigration rules; political and economic structures; property purchase and rental; education; banking; health and social security; social life; employment; starting a business; business and industry report; retirement. Extensive lists of further sources of information on all these subjects, including business and industry report, regional employment guide and directory of major employers.

British Citizenship TestBritish Citizenship Test Study Guide: The Essential Study Guide for the Life in the UK Test This study guide provides revision assistance for anyone wanting to study for the 'Life in the UK' citizenship test. Everything you need to prepare for the Life in the UK Test is covered in this book, including, the official study material from the Home Office, and sample questions. This official material has been reproduced from the "Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship" handbook published by the Home Office. The Life in the UK Test focuses on content from chapters 2, 3, and 4 of this publication - only these chapters have been reproduced in this study guide. Each section has a set of revision questions so that students can test their understanding of each section.

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